Capabilities - 906 Engineering
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What 906 Engineering can do for you:


Complete PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design

From idea to production, 906 Engineering has the experience to design all of your PCB needs. Our team uses the latest PCB design tools that are considered standards in the circuit board design industry. Our engineers have been designing PCB’s for many industries over the past 30 years and we are not only keeping up with the latest technology, we are helping to shape it. Our team has taken on and completed jobs successfully that other engineering teams could not accomplish. When needed, by thinking out of the box, we have come up with innovative ways to cut cost, increase power & improve circuits that have not (that we are aware of) ever been used before, without jeopardizing quality or safety.

When it comes to PCB design, nothing is more important then safety. At 906 Engineering we have invested heavily into equipment for electrical testing and we will continue to do so. We test our boards to the brink, and then we push them harder. The boards are designed incorporating safety features for every foreseen issues and even for unforeseen problems that could arise. Safety is defiantly our main focus and the best way to reach that objective is though extensive testing. We not only simulate real life operation on our test benches, but we will, if at all possible, put in hours of real life operation in the field before our customer ever sees the first prototype. As technology grows, so does the risk, and 906 Engineering has a proven track record for safety.

No matter how big or small your job is, our PCB designers are fully capable to complete the job. From single layer boards to multiple layer boards, to high powered layouts, our team is confident in their process. We strive for quick turn around times but not at the risk of quality. Our PCB manufactures (we do not make boards in house) are 100% certified and compliant with all regulations. Our capabilities include data logging, wireless (Bluetooth), sensors, charging systems (including super capacitors), CAN Bus systems, user interfaces, battery-powered circuits, relay control boards, motor drivers, diagnostics, global navigation satellite systems and more.

Many electrical products could be enhanced by incorporating a PCB, but most people may not have the ability to do it themselves. That’s what makes us a little special. At 906 Engineering all you need is the product/idea and we can take it from there. Working with you, we will sculpt out the practical solution to your circuit board needs. But, keep in mind, for most applications in todays world, the PCB design is just the beginning, it’s the programming where the fun really starts.

Not only does our team design the boards, but we also do all the programming (as needed). With programming there is almost no end to what can be achieved in an electrical control system. Our programmers have years of experience in several different programming languages and can really help to make your project distinctly yours. It’s your product and you want what’s best for it, at 906 Engineering we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical system design doesn’t stop at designing circuit boards, 906 Engineering has the ability to design complete electrical systems. Whether its controllers, modules, wire harnessing, wireless systems, multiplexed bus systems, charging systems or (GNS) global navigation systems, our engineering team thrives on creating sensible, cost effective and complete electrical solutions. We have been doing just that for the last 30 years; our engineers have been granted patents on electric systems and many systems are in the field running today. As always, when it comes to electrical, safety is the key to a successful product, and we have picked up a lot of good designing practices over the years that insure safety & dependability.

This may seem shocking, but 906 Engineering has designed several different complete power systems that have electrified the marketplace. The beauty of this is, if you the customer are looking for or require a certain type of system for your application, 906 Engineering may already have it designed up. Typically out of the box, our systems may not be exactly what you need, but with a few tweaks in programming, you could have a complete custom electrical system for your project. The best part is, in most cases, the systems are 99% completed to what you would need, there would be very little (if any) designing fees for you the customer. Plus, these systems are already in place with other customers so you could get worry free proven technology without spending an arm and a leg.

Whether you are looking for a full system, or just a controller or component to complete your current electrical system, 906 is always there with technical support to ensure the quality of the entire project. And, the support doesn’t end when the design is finished either, our team will be available to you for the life of the project if needed. Times change, technology gets better, updates are needed and sometimes the future brings on unforeseen issues. Rest assured, at 906, we are always just a phone call away.

Mechanical Engineering (CAD)

Our mechanical engineering team uses the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. We provided detailed 2D & 3D drawings to keep customers updated on projects every step of the way. The 906 team utilizes platforms that allow entire assemblies with multiple parts to be built within a 3D file that really bring the parts to life before any actual production dollars are spent. Then, when everything looks right, we send those 3D files to the 3D printer and create real parts that can be held in your hand. Today, 3D printing is fast, inexpensive, and quiet frankly amazing. You can dream up a needed part, and in some cases, design it, print it and be holding a sufficient sample part (exact correct size) in 30 minutes or less. We, at 906 Engineering were designing parts for years before this designing process/technology was even available and, if you are interested, we prefer the new way of doing things.

Although 906 Engineering does not manufacture most of the parts we design, we do work with a stellar group of suppliers who we have a ton of confidence in. They have been producing products way before we started working them and they adhere to all of the latest & strictest guidelines for manufacturing including RoHS compliant. We have a really good working relationship with them, we appreciate their input, we stand behind their work and we trust in the quality of the products they make for us.

A lot of engineering companies will claim to be “out of the box” thinkers, but we aren’t sure that is the case in many instances. Here at 906, it is the case. We can and will develop a “run of the mill” system if that is what the job calls for, but there is no question that our engineering team thrives on the unknown and the “never been done before” when it comes to solutions. We have come up with and incorporated aspects of our products and different ways of doing things that we have never seen anyone doing before. This is proven by the long list of granted patents, in several different industries, that our engineers have collected through the years. Our team members are listed as inventors on several granted patents in the snow & ice industry, the gaming industry, in the medical field, in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and several different mechanical components and electronic systems. Coming up with a better way to do something, to saving time and reducing parts and cost is our specialty.

We take a lot of pride in knowing our parts are designed to hold up over time. Partly because of the design itself and partly because of the chosen materials used to make the parts. Working in the snow & ice industry for decades, we have learned how to make products that last in the worst weather environments. We have always and we will continue to make parts that will last well beyond your expectations. We have a very low return rate for our products and we plan on keeping it that way. Durability in a product is important, and at 906 Engineering it is a priority.

Graphic Design is one more aspect of our design team here at 906 and we utilize the most up to date graphic design programs available. Often times we will incorporate artwork or logos of a given company into the parts we design. Product labeling is the best way to make a product your own and its really free advertising for your company. Decals are designed right here at our shop and produced by several different venders depending on the materials we would like them made out of. Other times we may design artwork right into the products; for example, having a logo molded right into a plastic or rubber part, or stamped out of metal. So, whether it’s labeling, decals, branding, manuals or packaging, if needed, our team will work with you the customer, to put the finishing touches on your project.

Manufacturing & Assembly

906 Engineering Corporation, at this time, does not manufacture most of the components used in our products in-house. We out-source these items from trusted venders & suppliers that we have had a long positive history of working with. Our work crews do however do the inspection, assembly, testing and packaging for all of our products. We really take pride in what we do, these are products that we have designed and we strive to make every item 100% operational, consistent and built to last.

Just because 906 Engineering currently isn’t manufacturing parts, that doesn’t mean we can’t. We are very capable and knowledgeable about the manufacturing process and we get our hands dirty at times when need be. Most notably when it comes to prototypes. We typically will provide quick turn around prototypes, then once approval by the customer is given, we turn the actual production of parts over to our suppliers. But, at 906 we take the quality of our products very serious and our team tests and inspects every part that we put our name on. In a lot of cases assembly is needed, and we have found that there is no better way to insure quality, then doing the final assembly & testing ourselves. That way we have no one to blame but ourselves, and that is what we prefer.

Testing electrical components is obviously very important. At 906 Engineering we have invested heavily in the latest technology to preform the most strenuous testing while designing components, but we also like to put, at times, production pieces though “real life” testing that they will see once in the field. Through the use of purchased testing equipment and testing fixtures we have developed, our testing procedures are not just testing the electrical continuity of the product, but rather, we are putting it through the paces of the job it was designed for. We do this right on our test benches and it really gives us the confidence that when the customer plugs our parts in, they will work, every time.

Hydraulic Systems

906 Engineering has an extensive history in the hydraulic industry. Working in the snow plow industry since the 90’s, our engineers have at times worked with some of the top hydraulic manufacturing companies around. Working with these companies, we have designed custom hydraulic manifolds and complete hydraulic systems used in the snow & ice industry as well as the dump bed industry. Our engineers have also worked to develop innovations within the hydraulic industry which have helped to save time, space and cost. These innovations could be used in numerous industries (really any industry) that require hydraulics, if you are interested in hearing more about this, please contact us.

Technical Support & Manuals

So you have your product/system developed by an outside source and you’re selling them all over the place. Then your phone starts ringing and it’s your customer base with question after question about your product that they just bought. At 906 Engineering, we have you covered. We include customer specific, detailed instructions for every item we design (if instructions are needed). We also pride ourselves on our technical support. Although, that does not mean we will answer your customer service calls, we will work with your company, educating you and your staff on addressing these types of calls. If needed, we will provided technical support documentation, testing equipment and diagnostic tools to put you in total control of your product. If you have ever had issues installing/assembling/programming something you have bought because the instructions made no sense, then you realize that merchandise, in some cases, is only as good as the instructions it comes with and/or the technical support provided by its manufacture. At 906, we will always be a phone call/text/e-mail away and our technical support lasts for the life of the product.

As stated above, we provide customer specific instructions with our products. Normally when it comes to instruction manuals, most companies prefer to draw them up themselves. At 906, we have at many times, worked with the graphic departments of our customers providing needed information to complete their service manuals. We will always be there, and in a timely manner, to help in every way possible.


If you have a project, product or idea you are looking to get off the ground and you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact 906 Engineering. We have been developing ideas into real life products for years and we would appreciate the chance to work with you on your project. Whether its a complete system or just a small area you are stuck on, give us a call or send an e-mail, we think we may be able to help. And, we are very open to possibly working out licensing, manufacturing or product partnership agreements if the project is the right fit, which could really help keep your development costs down. Contact James (below) if you have interest in working with us.

Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461