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Multiplex System

Multiplex System for Snowplows & Other Applications

How does it work (Basically):

Electronic signals are sent (as pulses) from the controller to the module over two wires. The module then deciphers the signals and sends power to the proper destination. As shown below (figure 2), there is no limit to the number of components that can be operated through one system.

Below (Fig. 3) is an example of a multiplex systems 906 Engineering is suppling currently. Harnessing is not shown, but our handheld controller (Joysticks available) on the right communicates with the module on the left. Custom controls & enclosure are an option.


This multiplex system can be used for many applications. Lift Gates, Car Haulers, Salt Spreaders, Bucket Lifts, Roll-Offs, Buses, Lighting systems, Snowplows and more could all benefit from this system. Please contact 906 Engineering to find out how our multiplex system could work for you.

Advantages of Multiplexing:

Saves on the amount of wire needed (about 50%)
The farther away the component is, the more you save

Reduces number of connectors, splices & terminals
Simplifies troubleshooting
Easier installation of harnessing
One system for several applications
Fully programmable (by 906) to adapt to the needs
of the customer (100% customizable)
Fully programmable (by 906) to adapt to unforeseen
future issues

System has been tested and proven to work
Cost effective (Not as expensive as you might think)
Many built in features (All optional):
-Diagnostics -Live monitoring -Data logging

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Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461