5-Pin GREY Female Weather-Pack Housings #12065158 with Wire Leads - 906 Engineering
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5-Pin GREY Female Weather-Pack Housings #12065158 with Wire Leads


This repair kit includes one 5-Pin Grey connector (with 12″ wire leads) and 5 Heat Shrink Butt Splices for replacing a defective connector. All five wires are 16 AWG, terminated (male terminals) & sealed on the connector end and blunt cut on the other end. If you discover a short in your existing 5-Pin Grey connector, cut off your old connector and use the included butt splices (can also be soldered) to connect this replacement connector. If you want to stagger the splices (to avoid a lump where all the splices are in the same spot) you can cut the wires to different lengths. To make sure the new connector is hooked up correctly, be sure to make note (or take a photo) of the wire plugging before throwing away the old connector.
Note#1: The wires on this repair kit may have different wire colors then the connector you are replacing. 
Note#2: The terminals in this connector are Male terminals. This connector can accept male or female connectors, but this kit has Male terminals.
The wire colors of this harness are included on the packaging that comes with the repair kit, you can see that HERE.
Be sure to compare the connectors in the photo to your existing connectors before purchasing.
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DISCLAIMER: The use of the names of manufacturers is for the assistance of our customers in identifying replacement parts which we manufacture or which may be manufactured for 906 Engineering Corp. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.


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