Boss White ON/OFF/(ON) Replacement VEE BLADE Joystick Handle Switch MSC04087 - 906 Engineering
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Boss White ON/OFF/(ON) Replacement VEE BLADE Joystick Handle Switch MSC04087


This item can replace the red, raise/lower switch (MSC04087) located in the handle of a Boss Vee Blade joystick. This ON/OFF/(ON) switch will NOT replace the white switch in our 906 Vee Blade joysticks we are selling on this website. Our 906 switch is an (ON)/OFF/(ON) switch, call us if you need a switch for our 906 joystick.


NOTE: We are only selling the WHITE switch, NOT the RED switch. 


If your Boss raise/lower switch (MSC04087) goes bad and you need a replacement, and you don’t care about what color the switch is, our white switch, which is the same size and same quality, will work. But, it is white, not red. To replace the old switch, you will need to take the joystick handle apart, remove the old switch (which is soldered on) and solder the new switch to the existing wires. We recommend making notes or taking a photo of the positions of the wires before removing the old switch. The wires will need to be soldered to the new white switch in the same positions (top post, middle post, bottom post) for the new switch to work properly.

Tip: This switch is an ON/OFF/(ON) switch. The (ON) indicates it is a momentary position and will spring back to OFF when released. This momentary position needs to be installed towards the top of the handle. Momentary (ON) is Raise, ON locks into Float, OFF is neither Raise nor Float.

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