SnoWay Straight Blade (No Down Pressure) Handheld Snowplow Control with Adapter - 906 Engineering
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SnoWay Straight Blade (No Down Pressure) Handheld Snowplow Control with Adapter


Aftermarket SnoWay Straight Blade with No Down Pressure Handheld control. This control comes with one adapter. The adapter has the common round 5 pin grey plug used by SnoWay on the straight blades. In this listing you are buying the control, the control adapter and a dash mounting bracket. This control has features not offered on the OEM controls. Note: This control will NOT work on SnoWay Straight Blades that have Down Pressure (2 Connectors). Installation Instructions (Click Here)

Instruction Sheets:  906 HH-003   ,   906 US-000 

SKU: EG0115-03-AS & 90-9161-S Categories: ,

-Adapter Required

-Please make sure the connector matches your connector before ordering

-4 way (for Straight Blade Controllers) or 10 way (for Vee & Wing Blades) operation

-U-SET feature allows the user to change some of the controls features.

-Automatic Shut-off when not in use, approximately 22 minutes

-The plow blade will coast to a soft stop (left or right), results in smoother operation and decreased wear on the plows hydraulic system

-Express Up/Down Feature (Double Tap)

-On/Off switch can be used as an Emergency Stop when required

-Illuminated keypad on control for night time plowing

-All control functions will time out (shut-off) after a period of time. This helps reduce wear on the pump motor and prevent unnecessary battery drain. Time outs vary depending on which plow the control will be used for.

-Flexible Straight Cord

-Use for both Left or Right Hand

-Dash Mount Control Holder Included

-Instructions come with each control

-Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.


DISCLAIMER: The use of the names of manufacturers is for the assistance of our customers in identifying replacement parts which we manufacture or which may be manufactured for 906 Engineering Corp. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.


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