SIGNAL PLEX Multiplex System - 906 Engineering
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Multiplexing is not new to 906 Engineering. We have had a working multiplex system for years and we are very familiar with it at this point. Our multiplex system has been and is currently being used by several OEM companies, and now it’s getting an overhaul. Our engineering team has come up with some NEW ideas that we think will make for a cleaner, more efficient multiplex system that we anticipate is going to improve our system in every way. Updates and new innovations have been made to the circuitry, the enclosure and the PCB itself; we think it is something special, and we call it the SIGNAL PLEX.


Several of the advancements incorporated into this new product are currently Patent Pending and owned solely by 906 Engineering Corporation. These innovations could benefit an endless amount of products used in nearly every industry. If you have any interest or questions about this technology, or about the Signal Plex multiplex system, contact us, we would love to talk to you about it.

How Multiplexing Works (Basically):

Electronic signals are sent (as pulses) from the controller to the module over two wires (See Diagram A). The module then deciphers the signals and sends power to the proper destination. As shown below in Diagram B, there is no limit to the number of components that can be operated through one system. An endless number of modules can be made to communicate with the control and each other.

Note#1: For description purposes, the Diagrams (A & B) show signals going from the controller to the module. But in reality, the signals are continuously going back and forth. They are talking to each other.

Note#2: For description purposes, the Diagrams (A & B) show 5 different signals being sent to the module. That number could be a lot higher.

SIGNAL PLEX Multiplex System

What’s so special about 906 Engineering’s NEW SIGNAL PLEX multiple system? It all starts with the enclosures. Currently, we have two different enclosures, a single sided enclosure (See Diagram C) and a double sided enclosure (See Diagram D). Each side is capable of taking in (or sending out) 16 circuits. So, the double sided enclosure can handle 32 low current circuits in total. But keep in mind that by daisy chaining (or linking several modules together), the number of circuits that can be used in the SIGNAL PLEX system is endless.

Note: These enclosures are quite versatile and they do have the ability to handle high current circuits. Look for 906 Engineering literature specifically on these enclosures for more information about that, or contact us for more information.

Enclosure Size

As shown above (Diagram C & D) the small size of the enclosure is a big advantage. For a lot of applications, there may not be a lot of room to accommodate a large enclosure, so the smaller the enclosure, the better. These new enclosures typically hold two circuit boards that are stacked together, but smaller jobs may only require one PCB.

The Connectors

The Aptiv GT 280 Series 16-Way Sealed Female Connectors (See Diagram E) plugs onto the enclosure ends and provides a sealed connection. These connectors have been around for years and hold up nicely under all types of weather conditions. The connector, the terminals, the wire seals and the TPA are also very affordable, which helps to keep the cost of the entire SIGNAL PLEX system down.

Visible Diagnostics

Built-In visible diagnostics is a feature of the SIGNAL PLEX system. Typically we mold the case clear (transparent) to allow for LED indicators to be seen, but these cases can be molded in any solid color (opaque). Diagram F shows a transparent case with visible LED’s.

Advantages of The SIGNAL PLEX

  • Compact Enclosure Size (5.5” x 3“ x 1”)
  • Economical, Reliable Connectors
  • Simplified Wire Harnessing (By About 50%)
    • The Longer The Wire Harness, The More You Save
  • Reduces The Number Of Connectors, Splices & Terminals
  • Waterproof Sealed Enclosure For PCB
  • Updated Solid State Technology
  • Fully Programmable
  • Customizable For All OEM’s
  • Optional Features: Diagnostics, Live Monitoring, Data Logging
  • Simplified And Efficient Installation
  • Receives Input Signals (e.g. Position Sensors)
  • Multi-Module Communication (Daisy Chain)
    • Works Seamlessly With 906 Engineering’s New Lighting Isolation Module (Contact Us About Our Lighting Isolation Module)


The SIGNAL PLEX multiplex system can be used for many applications. Lift Gates, Car Haulers, Salt Spreaders, Bucket Lifts, Roll-Offs, Buses, Lighting systems, Snowplows and more could all benefit from this system. Contact 906 Engineering to find out how the SIGNAL PLEX could work for you.

Questions, Interest? Contact Us

The multiplexing technology described and shown above is patented technology owned by 906 Engineering. We at 906 Engineering, think that this technology gives our multiplexing product line a distinct advantage to other multiplex product lines available at this time. If you have interest in our SIGNAL PLEX product line, or if you have any questions; contact us.

Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461