U-TRACK Vehicle Tracking - 906 Engineering
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U-TRACK Vehicle Tracking

906 Engineering, in partnership with zonetap Inc., has created a uniquely accurate real-time vehicle tracking system. What makes this system special is its “down to the centimeter” accuracy using the global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Other fleet tracking systems just can’t compare to our pin-point location reporting and our always on, real-time alerting. We call it UTRACK.

It all starts with the location tracking device shown to the left. Place one device in each vehicle and from one location (the portal), you are completely informed about your fleet’s whereabouts and activities.

Fleet Tracking Portal
The portal is an app (website) which would work as your home base. Your distinct portal (example:fleet.906engineering.com) gives you control over off-site jobs & it takes your team’s communication to an entirely new level. It’s a true command center for your remote work vehicles.

Whether your fleet of vehicles is large or small, the UTRACK system is made for all industries. City & school buses, taxi cabs, delivery trucks, waste management & construction vehicles, snow & Ice & landscaping fleets, farming equipment, mining & forestry trucks, even boats, trains and aircraft could all benefit.

And, for “customer related industries” like busing or delivery services, imagine a link to your portal on your website that allows your customers to track the exact location of the school bus in real time. With UTrack, the second the bus arrives, is the second the bus arrives.

Portal Work Zones
The work zone feature allows administrators to set up designated job work zones within the portal. These zones can help calculate estimates & billing, verify proof of employee hours, in some cases proof of work completed and provide automatic real time messaging which all help the communication level of your team.

Other UTRACK Portal Features

  • KML/KMZ file format (Keyhole Markup Language)
  • KML displays geographical data in an Earth browser
  • KMZ is a compressed version of KML (Zipped)
  • Area calculator for job estimates
  • Cost calculator for billing completed jobs
  • Automatic Alerts when vehicles enter work zones
  • Automatic time keeper when trucks are in work zones
  • Set job notes, including instructions, contact information & notifications
  • Endless amount of work zones (huge data storage)
  • Data storage for marketing & Meta-data
  • Custom Color map overlays
  • Variable speed Path Replays

zonetap (2ND SKN)
personnel tracking system

906 Engineering has partnered with zonetap, on a personnel tracking system called “2nd SKN (pronounced 2nd skin). With this system, and the use of a wearable device, all employees on a job site can be tracked accurately down to the centimeter. Many work places can be a dangerous environment, worker safety is what this product is all about.

Much like the UTrack (vehicle tracking) system, you can see exactly where your entire crew is in real time. You can set up zones (for danger areas) and everyone can receive notifications if a crew member enters that zone. You can set up warning notifications based on distance to objects, machinery, other workers or moving vehicles that are outfitted with a device. The protections this system offer your team are second to none.

This product actually has special meaning to me. 15 years ago, a relative of mine was killed on a job site as he was doing maintenance on a crane. The crane operator was not aware of his location. I think if this technology would have been in place back then, it may have prevented the accident. We, at 906 Engineering & zonetap, believe the 2ND SKN can prevent these types of unnecessary workplace accidents. Contact us at the number below if you are interested in more information about either system (vehicle or personnel tracking). We can also set up a “real time” online demo if you would like.

Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461