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Aftermarket Snowplow Controls


Our product line of aftermarket snowplow controls features a replacement snowplow control for almost every snowplow make & model used today. Whether it’s a Straight blade, Vee blade or a Wide Out plow, chances are 906 engineering offers an aftermarket handheld controller & an aftermarket industrial joysticks for that plow; Including those 4-Pin multiplex controls for Western, Fisher, Blizzard and SnowEx.

We know money is tight, and the thought of buying an “aftermarket” controller may seem risky. But, our team here at 906 has been designing & manufacturing products in the snowplow industry for the last 30 years and our engineers have worked with nearly every plow manufacturer out there at some point (we are working with several currently).

Our line of replacement controls is not one of those adapter systems where you have one control that works several different manufacturer’s snowplows using different adapters. That system is a one size fits all, but all snowplows are not created equal, or rather, designed identically. With our system, even though our different controls may look the same in appearance, each control is tailored to each specific plow. Meaning, our replacement Western straight blade controller, in its programming, does not work the same as our replacement Boss straight blade controller. Our control is “fine-tuned” to work specifically with the Western plow.

One more thing about those control adapter systems. It’s not a bad system. In fact, our engineering team here at 906 engineering invented and patented that snowplow control adapter system years ago. But, in order to provide a better aftermarket product, we moved on from that system. So, to sum up, if you’re an individual snow-warrior or a distributor wondering if you can trust these aftermarket controls to be durable, reliable, user-friendly and safe, the answer is, without question, Yes.

Plug & Plow Snow Plow Controls

Our system doesn’t require an adapter, it’s a plug-n-play type system that we call our Plug-N-Plow line of snowplow controls. Each control has the proper connector on the wire harness that matches the OEM’s connector. Out of the box, just plug in our control and you’re ready to roll. There are a few exceptions to this:

The Meyer E-68 straight blade DOES require an adapter (which we supply)

NON-multiplexed Western & Fisher Vee blade controls require the installation of a ground wire under the hood. We do supply everything needed for the installation, including detailed instructions.

But other than those two, with all our other controls, all you have to do is Plug-N-Plow.

Our controls all come with a molded multiconductor straight cable, not a curly cord, and not just a bunch of wires shoved down a tube. The straight blade handheld is a 4-way operation (up, down, left & right which is pretty straight forward) and we have a 10-way operation that we use for vee blade and wing blade plows. We think the 10-way is nice because it offers individual buttons for all the operations. There’s no, “hit these two buttons at the same time for this”, or “press this button first to do this, then hit the button again to do that”. If you want your vee plow in scoop position…..One button. You want both wings retracted at the same time? One button… You’re welcome.

These handhelds come with a dash mount hanging tab (shown to the left) that hooks onto the back of the controls. They are made to work for both the left and the right hand and they are back lit Green when power is ON. They also have Red & Blue LED indicators used for features like, the float feature and our user setting feature. We won’t get into all the operation features of each control here, but look for 906 Instruction videos here on our website (coming soon) where we will focus more on the specific operation details of our controllers.

With the joysticks, they are a little big and bulky, but they, like our handhelds are built for industrial use. They also have one LED indicator that informs the operator different information, like power ON, float and user setting. For the straight blade, the handle works the Up & Down functions, and it is set up to be mounted flat. So when you pull back on the handle, the plow rises, kind of like an airplane does. Pushing the handle forward lowers the plow. On the vee blade & wing blade joystick, the Up & Down is controlled by the white switch in the handle. All our joysticks have 4 mounting points on the bottom in a square pattern of 2 inches by 2 inches, they can be mounted to the surface of your choice using 8 by 32 machine screws. But, mounting the joysticks is up to you, we do not provide any materials for mounting.

So that is basically our replacement snowplow control product line. We think if you do some price comparisons online, you will find that our controls are in every case more affordable than the OEM controls, and for many, our controls have more features than the OEMs. Some examples of this being, our U-SET user setting which allows the operator to turn ON or OFF certain setting. We have double tapping features, a soft stop feature and many safety features that some of the manufacturer’s controllers just don’t have. We also offer a joystick version for some OEM snowplows that don’t offer a joystick control to their customers.

USET Feature for Snow Plow Controls

Controls Available (Both Handheld & Joysticks):

* Western 6-Pin Straight Blade
Western MP 4-Pin Straight Blade
* Western 14-Pin Vee Blade
* Western MP 4-Pin Vee Blade
* Western MP 4-Pin Wing Blade
* Blizzard 12-Pin Straight Blade
* Blizzard 12-Pin 810 Power Plow
* Blizzard MP 4-Pin Straight Blade
* Blizzard MP 4-Pin 810 Power Plow
* Blizzard Straight Blade Speed Wing
* Meyer/Diamond 6-Pin Straight
* Meyer 9-Pin Vee Blade V-66
* Meyer 12-Pin Straight Blade
* Meyer 12-Pin Vee, V-68, V-70
* Meyer 12-Pin Vee, V-71
* Meyer 12-Pin Straight, E-68
* Fisher 6-Pin Straight Blade
* Fisher MP 4-Pin Straight Blade
* Fisher 14-Pin Vee Blade
* Fisher MP 4-Pin Vee Blade
* Fisher MP 4-Pin XLS (Wing)
* Hiniker Straight Blade
* Hiniker Vee (Single Acting Cylinders)
* Hiniker Vee ((DBL Acting Cylinders)
* Hiniker C-Plow
* SnowEx MP Straight Blade
* SnowEx MP Vee Blade
* SnowEx MP Wide Out
* Boss Straight Blade
* Boss Vee Blade
* Curtis Straight Blade
* Curtis Vee Blade
* Airflo Straight Blade
* Airflo Vee Blade
* Snoway Straight Blade (No DP)* Northman Straight Blade* Universal Straight Blade
* Universal Vee Blade

Control Features:

  • No adapter Required (Just Plug-N-Plow)
  • Straight, Vee & Wing Blades
  • U-Set (User Settings)
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Protection from accidental activation on start up
  • Soft Stop
  • Express Up & Down (Double Tap)
  • Illuminated keypad for use at night
  • Function Time-Outs
  • Flexible straight cord
  • Use for left or right hand
  • Dash-mount control holder with each control
  • On/Off switch can be used as an emergency stop
  • Instructions with each control
  • Customer specific keypads available (one time tool charge)
  • Customer specific instructions if requested
  • Designed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Here are some other product lines offered by 906 Engineering.

Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461

Disclaimer: 906 Engineering is not affiliated with any of the snowplow manufactures referenced on this page or on our website, And, any reference to, or use of the names of manufacturers is for the assistance of our customers in identifying replacement parts which may be manufactured by or for 906 Engineering Corporation. It is not implied that any parts listed or talked about is the product of these manufactures.