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Down Pressure System


How it works (Basically):

Typically snowplows that utilize a chain lift system use a single acting cylinder to raise their plow. By replacing that single acting cylinder with a double acting cylinder (powers UP to raise the plow & also powers DOWN), down pressure can be achieved by accessing the power created on the back end of the lift arm when powering Down on the lift cylinder.


Chain lift plows offer advantages that non-chain lift plows can not. Most notably, superior stacking. All other snowplows that have down pressure must make performance sacrifices to offer this feature. Until now.

906 Engineering’s patented Down Pressure System for Chain Lift Plows has changed the perception that “you can’t have down pressure on a chain lift plow”. Not only can you have it, we think it is more cost effective to incorporate our system into a snowplow then the more expensive parts used in current non chain down pressure systems. Also, with our system, a retrofittable down pressure kit is an option for most chain lift plows used today.

When raised, the lift chain raises the plow (as normal) and the chain on the back end of the lift arm goes slack.
Note: In Float, the hydraulic valves of the lift cylinder are left open to allow the plow to float on the ground (as normal).

For Down Pressure:
(A) Powering down the lift cylinder (B) pulls up on the chain on the back of the lift arm. This puts upward pressure on the back of the leaf spring (C) and because of the pivot, puts downward pressure on the front of the leaf spring (D) which sits on the front of the A frame.

Check out this quick video (Youtube link) that shows the Chain Lift Down Pressure System working.

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Contact: James Perales (906) 458-1461